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About us

 My name is Kimberly Futcher and I have owned dogs for over 30 years, mixed breed and purebred. I bred and showed Australian Shepherds for a few years. before life got in the way.

My husband and I currently own 2 German Shepherds, Ede and Gem.  Check out their page and gallery.

When the pandemic hit I decided that it was time for a change and do what I love. I headed back to school and got my certification as an instructor for Canine Health and Emergency First Aid.  I am currently working on becoming a certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer. My main goal is to be able to educate and train people and their dogs so they can have the best life together.

We also offer handcrafted dog treats and accessories for sale, check out our Facebook page through the link below.

Kimberly has been helping me with my puppy who was pulling on the leash constantly while out walking. After 3 lessons we are on the right track and enjoy our walks so much more. S

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